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Sustaining Natural Landscapes in Latin America

Patrícia Gallo

Co-founder. With a PhD in forest governance and management, she is a forest engineer, social and environmental researcher from Brazil with many years of experience in project development and policy advice, working with different actors (from traditional communities to private sector and government, for example). Patrícia has always been interested in multi-disciplinary topics that affect environmental and development issues, particularly because they are highly relevant and intimately connected in her home country. The focus of her work is related to green measures to reduce climate change and deforestation, and social behavior changes towards sustainable development and valorization of natural resources.

Mariana Vidal

Co-founder.  Mariana spent five years working on sustainable forest management with local communities, ministries, and development agencies in Peru. In 2014-2015 she applied her extensive experience in tropical forestry and local livelihoods to advise the Peruvian government on mitigation strategies in the land use and land-use change sectors in the Amazon. Currently, Mariana explores the adaptation strategies of vulnerable populations to climate change in the Andes. Mariana holds a Master's degree in Tropical and International Forestry from the Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen.

Gabriela Fontenla

Co-founder. Gabriela is a Forest Engineer from Universidad Agraria La Molina in Peru with a master's degree in Hydrosciences from TU Dresden and a diploma in Environmental Management from the same university. She has extensive experience in mitigation and adaptation to climate change related issues, working since 2005 for the Peruvian government, in international organizations and with local NGOs. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the Institute of Soil Science and Site Ecology of the TU Dresden. Her research interests are focused on the relationship soil-plant-atmosphere.

Soledad Luna

Co-founder. Soledad is an Ecuadorian marine ecologist with a doctoral degree in ecological modelling. Soledad studies and working experience in Ecuador and Europe are on marine conservation and marine protected area’s management. Soledad seeks to involve the different levels of managers, resource users, researchers and international cooperation to co-design processes and plan management based in science and using modelling approaches.

Marolyn Vidaurre

Co-founder. She is a biologist from Bolivia with a doctoral degree in science working on conservation and sustainable development of rural areas of her country since 2001. Marolyn focuses her work on climate change integrating scientific and traditional knowledge for adaptation and mitigation measures. She performs on this topic from different angles, not only research but also on the field of environmental education. Her biggest motivation is to contribute to the development of accurate climate policies to support the sustainable development of areas in the need and work with people from different backgrounds.

Daniela Limache de la Fuente

Co-founder. Daniela is a biologist holding a Master degree in Tropical Forestry and Management. During the last few years, she has been committed to a wide scope of areas of investigation including genotoxic assessment of soils, water and food resources; environmental impact assessment on road construction projects and management and conservation of terrestrial ecosystems in Bolivia. Her research interests are focused on theoretical and methodological aspects of biodiversity assessments at global and regional scale combining computational modelling and remote sensing techniques.  

Tamara Karp

Co-founder. Tamara is a forestry scientist with an M.Sc. in Tropical Forestry and Management from TU Dresden. Her special interests are forest ecology, forest dynamics, natural silviculture, ecosystem services, biodiversity and sustainable resource management. With over five years work experience in environmental education and knowledge management within the UNEP/UNESCO/BMU Postgraduate Program at TU Dresden, and due to her personal involvement in sustainable development, she has in-depth knowledge in multiple topics within the Sustainable Development Goals framework and in methods of knowledge transfer.

Maxi Domke

Co-founder. Maxi Domke is a social scientist (master’s degree) with a focus on environmental management (PhD degree) in the context of rural development in the Global South, especially in Africa. Since 2012, she works as project coordinator at TU Dresden in research, education and networking projects, jointly with research and training institutions in East Africa. After her studies she spent some time in countries of Southern Africa for internships and work in a political foundation, cultural institution and local NGO. Besides the thematic interest, Maxi aims for the transfer and exchange of research and applied work. Over the years Maxi gained experiences in project management and methodical skills in training.

Gabriela Huidobro

Member. Gabriela studied forest engineering in Madrid, after completing her degree she chose to return  to her home country, Colombia. There, she worked on various projects in the Orinoco region and in the Cloud Forest. She has experience in natural silviculture, developing conservation strategies with the locals, restoration planning, ecotourism, environmental education and seedling production in nurseries. Gabriela furthered her education with a master's degree in Tropical Forestry and Management at TU Dresden. She has a passion for palm trees and  research interest in fire management for both ecological and social systems.