BluoVerda Deutschland e.V.
Sustaining Natural Landscapes in Latin America

BluoVerda Deutschland e.V. is an diaspora organization that promotes the maintenance, enhancement and recovery of ecosystems and natural resources in Latin America. We work with consideration and in support of sustainable livelihoods of local people. We do this by inspiring and building stronger, collaborative and more equal ties among institutions, society and science, promoting also triangular cooperation (North-South/ South-South).

Our Strategy

  • BluoVerda enables the access to, and the use of information and tools needed to achieve sustainable and protective use of marine and forest ecosystems and urban systems in Latin America. 
  • We work together with our overseas partners to design, implement and support initiatives, establishing innovative and inclusive approaches, thereby achieving a balance between conservation, resource use and local livelihoods. 
  • We contribute to the global sustainability by addressing environmental problems through local solutions, and generating environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits.

What we support

BluoVerda supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially in relation to:

  • Increased conservation of natural landscapes in Latin America, especially biodiversity, land and water
  • Development of blue and green measures for the responsible management of natural resources and sustainable cities
  • Improvement of local livelihoods - social empowerment, gender equity, poverty alleviation, well being, and income generation
  • Mitigation of greenhouse gas associated with the activities of the agricultural, forestry and marine sectors
  • Adaptation of vulnerable populations to climate-related hazards and climate change
  • Production and dissemination of scientific information in an approachable language


Please, download our Statute (in German)
BluoVerda_Satzung.pdf (83.69KB)
Please, download our Statute (in German)
BluoVerda_Satzung.pdf (83.69KB)