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Sustaining Natural Landscapes in Latin America

About ArBio

ArBio is a women-led non-governmental organization that implements forest conservation actions involving civil society and the private sector in the Peruvian Amazon. Currently, ArBio manages and protects 916 hectares of forest (2264 acres) in the watershed of the Las Piedras River, Madre de Dios.
The rainforest in Madre de Dios is well-known as one of the most diverse on Earth, with species that are unique to this ecosystem and many others not yet known to science.  The Arbio conservation unit has registered 29 different mammals (not counting bats and rodents), 70 reptiles and amphibians, 259 bird species, and more than 120 different tree species. Besides its high biodiversity, this forest also secures the storage of great amounts of carbon, therefore contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.

The forest in Madre de Dios is undergoing record-breaking deforestation. The Arbio forest conservation unit is located only 20 km away from the Interoceanica highway, which is a major commercial route connecting Brazil and Peru. Along this highway, settlers and investors are responsible for a rapid expansion of deforestation while acquiring timber and clearing lands for raising cattle and extensive agriculture. The conservation unit is therefore highly vulnerable to deforestation and forest degradation and, at the same time, acts as a buffer between local communities and the advance of deforestation.

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