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Sustaining Natural Landscapes in Latin America


As the burgeoning urban population increases demand on forest areas it is reassuring to know that our understanding of the drivers of deforestation are growing more robust. It is also reassuring that our solutions are beginning to reflect the problems in all their complexity — that conservation of biodiversity, sequestration of carbon, and the sustainable improvement of livelihoods are all interrelated. Thus, a sustainable future for the Amazon and conservation of its remarkable ecosystems is no small challenge, it needs multiple efforts on diverse fronts. 

IDESAM is an organization that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources in the Brazilian Amazon. It implements viable alternatives for environmental conservation, forest management, the improvement of rural livelihoods, and the mitigation of climate changeSince 15 years IDESAM is working, together with local population, for the consolidation of a new low-carbon economy based on the valorization of natural resources.