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Sustaining Natural Landscapes in Latin America

Deforestation is often blamed on three main groups of stakeholders: big local business and landowners, local people and consumers. The weakest stakeholders – local people – are the ones who clearly do need support, and this scenario has begun to change through the interventions supported by organizations like BluoVerda. 

A sustainable future for the people of the Amazon parallel to the preservation of its biodiversity and rainforest river systems is our concern. However, the over exploitation of natural resources and the migration of young people to the cities result in less economically attractive opportunities. As the urban population increases, the pressure on the forests increases. They are being cleared even though their potential to absorb CO2 is needed. This is the starting point of our intervention. Young people should be empowered to improve their livelihood in their homeland and at the same time preserve natural resources.

The overall aim of this action is to empower young people through income generation and environmentally friendly activities in the Uatumã’s Reserve, state of AmazonasThis allow the young people to remain in their communities while maintaining their knowledge, labor and culture alive in the area. 


  • Establishment of agroforestry system and practical skill
  • Development of entrepreneurial and communication skills and organizational forms to market agroforestry products at local and international market
  • Introduce technology to diversify products and improve their quality
  • Development of a business and sale plan for the Amazonian products 

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