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What is happening at the moment?

“Neeeeehh” - I heard a loud roaring sound kilometers away in the otherwise quiet part of the Amazon, followed by a dull “Pruughhhh”. A new and more innovative generation of tree poachers, illegal miners and farmers have entered Madre de Dios national park in Peru. Despite protection agreements, this uncontrolled region at the borders of Brazil and Bolivia is under threat and calling for our help. While those criminal groups have different purposes to be there, they all have the same approaches to reach their aim: The destruction and exploitation of the Amazon rainforest.

Together with our local guide we walked through the dense paths of the Amazon jungle. When I say “we” I mean me, the guide and two more environmentalists who want to understand the happening and the importance of this region. It was a hot and humid afternoon. One could hear the mosquitoes buzzing around our heads. Sweat was running from my face. I used my right hand to clear the sweat from my face when suddenly: “This is a mahogany tree” - our guide interrupted the jungle sounds. “This tree can reach up to 350  years and is highly valuable for animals such as macaws, monkeys and jaguars. The trade in Peru has been broadly illegal by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) since 2003 and is only allowed to be shipped with a permit. But still, it is estimated that around 2,000 tons of it make it to the US each year. “They have no idea that they drive deforestation and eliminate local tribes from their habitat when buying these” he added. I inspected the tree. It stood tall and perfectly straight in front of me. “Okay guys, let's keep moving, we don't want to be at one location for too long”. Eventually, I will later find out what this actually means. We continued walking along the Madre de Dios River. 

Environmentalists and volunteers often put themselves, and their relatives in danger. In 2020, at least 227 environmentalists were killed worldwide. Meanwhile Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are among the countries with the most environmentalists missing or being killed annually. Often whole families receive threats from gangs or big corporations in form of hitmen to keep out of their businesses. The funds for these illegal operations are granted by multimillion-dollar companies, drug cartels and privateers. Often, these operations happen under the supervision of bribed local politicians and authorities. 

What does BluoVerda do to change this situation?

Many people know what is happening but are too afraid to act. This is a perfect example of how money reigns the world and shows how difficult it is to combat all of that. Not only do we want to bring transparency to the locals, but also show the consumers what they are doing with their consumption. We, as BluoVerda e.V. actively get involved in the whole process and try to solve one of the world's most significant issues by bringing available technology in workshops & webinars closer to locals and people of interest (click here for our projects). By doing so we have managed to save 1200 sq km of pristine Amazon rainforest. We empower local livelihood and help them to protect their region from social and environmental challenges.  You can be part of the change!

Why should you support us?

Simply, because together with your help, we successfully can protect pristine tropical rainforest and animal habitats from illegal logging and mining activities for agricultural purposes and natural resource extraction. We need your support to work toward stopping the extinction of species and the exploitation of our rainforest. With your financial contribution,  we actively will manage campaigns against deforestation and clearance of tropical rainforests. These put us in the front line against illegal miners as well as big corporations. Your donation is our guarantor for driving volunteers to act boldly and with conviction against pollution, logging and other illegal activities in places where conservation laws are not respected and wildlife desperately needs our help. 

BluoVerda e.V. is a Non-Profit Organization that stands for transparency.  At least 93% of the donations reach the affected areas. Our donors give directly to environmental causes—meaning there’s no middleman between us and our nonprofit partner(s)- and this is a promise. In the following illustration on the right side we break down your funds and their allotment.

To save the rainforests around the world means to ensure decent living conditions for you , as well as for your children and future generations. Be part of the global change and have an impact on a local level. Together we monitor, protect and restore important rainforests and endangered ecosystems and livelihoods. You can also be #blueandgreen and support us on our mission! Thank you!

How to support us?

At the moment we offer two main ways to directly get involved in our operations. We offer the options to adopt an ancient tree in the Amazon rainforest, or to make direct contributions to help us to fund our environmental or social projects.

Choose a project you want to donate for

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In case you can not help with donations, here are 10 behaviour adjustments that can make an impact:

  1. Eliminate deforestation from your diet -> meaning to avoid products with palm oil as well as reducing your meat consumption (especially beef & fish / become a veggie)
  2. Avoid products made from rare woods 
  3. Avoid buying products made from rare metals or diamonds (instead ask for recycled gold for example)
  4. Use certified products
  5. Buy locally grown food
  6. Buy at companies that give back (donations for example)
  7. Keep your carbon footprint low
  8. Work against corruption
  9. Do volunteer work 
  10. Spread awareness of the topic

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Bluoverda is a non-profit organization

BluoVerda is a non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt once a year for your tax return.

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